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Amsterdam - 24 piece acrylic paint set

This set contains 24 x 20ml tubes of acrylic paint in basic shades - the perfect selection for your first paint palette. Our standard range offers the most comprehensive range of stunningly vibrant acrylic colours. This versatile paint is easy to work with and simple to apply. You can use the paint straight from the tube or dilute it with water or one of our acrylic paint products.

  • Medium viscosity paint for visible brush strokes, consistency and uniform coverage with a satin finish.
  • Made with high quality, lightfast pigments
  • Formulated with a 100% acrylic resin binder, it results in an exceptionally durable and flexible paint film with a consistent gloss.
  • The odorless, water-based product
  • Reduced drying time: thin layers of paint dry in half an hour.
  • Almost odorless thanks to the specific formulation


AMSTERDAM Acrylic paint set 24pcs

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