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What is a bullet journal? An agenda, a personal diary, a to-do list: the bullet journal is whatever you decide! The method, invented by Ryder Carroll , will allow you to plan the future, organize the present and keep track of the past. In short, if you are looking for a way to live everyday life with more precision and serenity, this system could be for you. Looking at it, it seems like a simple notebook with dotted pages , but if you intend to try this practice, you can alternatively use a notebook with completely blank pages. In fact, there is no official bullet journal, but there are some features that may be useful to you. For example, pay attention to the quality of the notebook, because bullet journals are intended to be used every day, which is why it is recommended to choose them with thicker and more resistant paper. The bullet journal is very suitable for:

  • People who need to always keep everything under control;

  • People who want to organize themselves

  • Creative people, who like to use their imagination

  • People who love the world of stationery: colours, markers, pencils, stickers, highlighters, erasers, pens

  • People who like to carve out spaces for reflection

The first point is the index, here you will mark all the sections, topics and corresponding page numbers, just like a traditional summary. Obviously, at the beginning your diary will be practically empty: so keep in mind that the index is a part that, like the rest of the diary, will need to be composed and updated from time to time.

On the following pages there will be a section for future commitments. This will be the space dedicated to the year's commitments (divided by month), where you can mark birthdays, trips, important dates, anniversaries or even goals to achieve.

Then we get into the specifics, in the section dedicated to monthly notes, where you will have to write down all the days of the month. Here you can mark the dates not to be missed.

Then comes the daily log, here you will write down everything you have to do day by day, in addition to commitments you can write down thoughts, moods and everything that crosses your imagination.

The collections section is an optional but very useful step for writing down the thoughts and goals that pass through your head, such as: books to read, loved ones to see, shopping lists, notes and much more.


ONLINE Bullet Journal 72 A5 pages

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