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The Canon P23-DTSC desktop calculator with 12-digit display and two-color printing is a practical calculator for mobile use. It offers professional tax calculation, business calculation and currency conversion functions and has an elegant metallic silver finish. Printing speed is 2.3 lines per second. Positive numbers are printed in dark purple and negative numbers are printed in red. Difficult tasks can be done easily and quickly with this calculator, saving you time!

Screen: 125 x 22mm
Extra large, easy to read, angled LC display
Display of calculation marks: yes
Power supply: Batteries (CR2032), with battery level indicator
Functions: Cost, Sales and Margin function, Tax calculation function, Currency conversion function, Constant calculation, Calendar/Clock, Shifts, Item counter, Follow "1" key function
Keyboard: percentage calculation, O key(s), Shift key, sign change key, sum key, subtotal key, non-addition key
With non-slip rubber caps and metal paper clip
Added machine operating system with automatic shutdown

CANON P23-DTSC Calculator

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