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Cementit Universal is a resistant and versatile adhesive for private use, at home, in the office, at school or in the workshop. Cementit Universal glues glass, porcelain, stone, metal, leather, fabric, wood, plastic and much more. The adhesive is waterproof, easy to apply, can be corrected in a short time and is insensitive to frost. Thanks to the aluminum tube and good sealing, Cementit Universal has a long shelf life and does not dry out.

  • Hardens quickly
  • universally applicable for papers, soft materials, hard materials, wood and plastics
  • waterproof
  • frost resistant
  • No drying out thanks to the aluminum tube and good seal
  • can be corrected for a short time

CEMENTIT Universal glue 30g

4,20 CHFPrice
VAT Included |
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