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Leitz Ergo Cozy footrest

The Leitz Ergo Cozy ergonomic desk footrest is the perfect footrest for creating a comfortable and active workspace. Designed to keep your feet and legs relaxed, it helps significantly reduce discomfort and stiffness in your shoulders and back, promoting healthy posture and improving circulation. Ideal as a footrest in the office, as a knee rest when lying down or as an ankle swing to keep your legs moving while you work. Thanks to the soft core and fabric covering, it is also perfect for use in the office with socks or bare feet. With its minimalist design and matte colors, this elegant desk footrest enhances health and well-being, effortlessly creating the perfect active work environment. By combining it with other Leitz Ergo products, you get an inviting and flexible workspace that allows you to move around all day.

  • Stylish and ergonomic footrest to maximize comfort in the workplace
  • Promotes healthy posture and improves circulation by elevating the feet and legs.
  • Can be flipped over and used as an ankle swing to keep your legs moving while you work, the soft core and fabric lining are perfect for use with socks or barefoot
  • Helps reduce discomfort and stiffness that can result from sitting for long periods of time.
  • Raise your feet to a comfortable height to relieve shoulder and back pain and fatigue.
  • Ideal for use as a footrest at your desk or as a knee support when lying down.
  • The footrest cover can be removed and is hand washable.
  • Plastic-free packaging


LEITZ Cozy Footstool

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