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The Leitz Precision Office A3 rotary cutter is perfect for all your everyday paper cutting tasks in the office or for crafts. This robust yet versatile paper cutter effortlessly cuts up to 15 sheets of A3 (80gsm) paper quickly and accurately thanks to its rotating blade and is easy to store when not in use. Choose from straight, wavy or piercing blades, all supplied in safe, easy-to-replace blade cartridges. Loading paper is quick and easy with the paper holder, and the metric ruler allows for accurate paper alignment. This high-quality rotary cutter will provide years of precise cutting thanks to the precision steel rotary blade securely integrated into the cutting head, stable work surface and extended 5-year warranty.

High-quality precision steel rotary blade effortlessly cuts up to 15 sheets of 80 gsm paper (with straight blade)
Choose from straight, wavy or piercing blades, all supplied in quick-change plastic cartridges
Wavy blade cuts and perforation blade pierces up to 5 sheets of 80gsm paper
Switch between blades quickly and safely by inserting the selected cartridge into the ergonomically designed cutting head
The automatic paper stopper and simple metric ruler make it easy to load paper, and the cutting head slides smoothly along the guide rail for precise cutting
The sturdy plastic base with non-slip rubber feet provides stability and stores easily when not in use
High quality Leitz rotary cutter with a 5 year guarantee (excluding normal wearing parts and consumables)


LEITZ A3 blade cutter

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