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The Paper Tablet gives you the freedom to capture your ideas by hand on paper, with all the benefits of digital creativity. The paper tablet uses invisible Ncoded technology embedded in each page, which allows the Smart Writing Set's pen+ to recognize its position in the notebook and transfer all freehand notes from the page to the screen in real time. The pen+ also recognizes paper tablets with different numbers, thus allowing you to easily classify your work. Smart Writing Kit allows you to seamlessly digitize, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes and sketches on the go, seamlessly integrating paper and cloud.

  • With instruction booklet
  • rounded corners, elastic closure
  • Paper: acid-free, ivory white
  • If lost, make a note on the cover sheet
  • internal expandable pocket on the back
  • It extends, opens to 180


MOLESKINE Papertablet L/A5

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