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The Moleskine Notebook Books allows you to take detailed notes on all the books you read. It has structured sections for jotting down your thoughts and impressions, as well as spaces for quotes and thought-provoking sequences. Each book transports us to a different place and time or a different person with all their thoughts and feelings; use your notebooks to record your unique journey into the world of books.

  • Hard cover with themed reliefs, rounded corners, elastic closure
  • 5 bookmark ribbons
  • double internal folding pocket
  • Front card with note "In case of loss".
  • ivory white 70 g/m² acid-free paper
  • Record sections to help you take notes
  • Specific introductory pages for each topic
  • Themed stickers to personalize the notebook

Number of pages: 400

Size: 21.4x13.2cm


MOLESKINE Notebook books

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