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Watercolor and gradient set

This increases the desire to be creative in writing, handlettering or in many other ways. Creating ideas and diving into the wonderful world of the handmade: these double-ended pens make it possible!

  • 10 x Calli.Brush dual tip pen, 1 x DIN A5 watercolor pad, 1 x water brush, blending magazine
  • Especially suitable for handwriting and calligraphy, drawing and creative writing, watercolor effects and color mixing and relaxed artistic creation.
  • Dual tip with calligraphy tip and brush, 2 mm calligraphy tip for precise lines, Flexible brush tip for creative writing and drawing, Water-based ink, Washes out of almost all fabrics, Safe thanks to non-toxic pigments, Contains 10 x Calli.Brush


ONLINE Aquarell & Blending Set

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