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Pilot Ecoball Ballpoint Pen

This refillable biro with retractable mechanism offers high writing comfort with soft, flowing ink available in black, blue, red and green. An effective and highly innovative way to join the fight against marine pollution. Together we can make a difference and help save our planet's resources. By producing a Begreen B2P Ecoball pen with recycled plastic, Pilot reduces the pen's carbon footprint compared to the same pen produced without recycled plastic. But that's not all: if you refill the pen at least 3 times, you also offset your carbon emissions. From production to the end of the product's life, it is estimated that buying this pen and refilling it three times reduces the pen's total environmental impact by -85% compared to purchasing three more new pens.

  • Made from 86.64%* recycled material (excluding consumables) and is made from PET water bottles and recycled plastic from marine environments.
  • Rechargeable products are more environmentally friendly.
  • A small gesture can make a big difference in our fight against climate change!


PILOT Ecoball ballpoint pen

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