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Rollerball FriXion Ball Set2Go, 8 pieces

PILOT's best-selling rollerball lets you write cleanly, rub off ink and write again, all with the same pen. Just erase the mistakes with the eraser and watch the ink disappear like magic! The unique gel ink reacts to the heat generated by erasing and allows you to instantly overwrite the mistake with the same pen. Thanks to the patented thermosensitive ink, PILOT has traditionally revolutionized writing with the FriXion erasable ballpoint pen.

  • Thanks to the erasable and thermosensitive ink: write, erase and rewrite instantly!
  • Efficiency and writing comfort thanks to the unique glide properties and ultra-soft Pilot gel ink.
  • Ergonomic, with handle for perfect grip control.
  • Refillable, economic and ecological product.
  • Cap pen.
  • One of Pilot's latest packaging innovations, developed and manufactured in Europe by PILOT
  • Environmentally friendly: reusable and durable packaging
  • The pens in this set are made from at least 50% recycled plastic (excluding consumables).

PILOT FriXion Ball Set

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