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The Base Ball is a rollerball pen for writing for primary school beginners, perfect as a complement or alternative to the fountain pen. The ergonomic, non-slip rubberized grip ensures effortless learning to write at school, while the large finger surfaces avoid pressure points. With 852 writing and reserve cartridge with ball tip, erasable royal blue color and sturdy plastic clip. The writing dries quickly and is smudge-proof even when you mark with highlighter. Suitable for both right and left handed people.

  • Roller with ergonomic handle
  • Ideal for writing beginners and as a complement to the fountain pen
  • Elastic and non-slip rubberized
  • Sturdy plastic clip
  • With writing and replacement cartridge 852 with ball tip
  • Erasable royal blue writing colour
  • Quick-drying and smudge-proof when layered over highlighters
  • Suitable for right-handed and left-handed people

SCHNEIDER Ink Roller Base Ball

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