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ARTY - Assortments

Premium fiber pens with flexible brush tips, ideal for brush lettering, comics, manga and hobby artists, hard pressure = thick lines, light pressure = fine lines. Neutral green ink, water-soluble, colors can be mixed with each other (blending technique) and watercolour. Available in 18 colours, based on the standard color palette of the Pen 68 fiber tip pens. Recognizable color coding through cap, circumferential edge stripes and sealing caps. The vented cap can be attached to the tip of the pen. ARTY pencil case with 12 colors, purple, purple, crimson, yellow, orange, light green, emerald green, dark blue, ultramarine, medium gray, black. CE certified.

  • Premium fiber pen with brush tip
  • ideal for brush lettering, comics, manga and hobby artists
  • heavy pressure = thick lines, low pressure = thin lines
  • Water-based ink, lightfast and water-colorable
  • Ventilated hat

STABILO Fiber Pen Set Arty

VAT Included |
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