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STABILO® Mini World Pastel LOVE Set of 18 pieces with 6 Pen 68 Mini, 6 Point 88 Mini and 6 BOSS MINI Pastellove.

A set of 35 pieces with an attractive design for all pastel color lovers.

Pen 68 Mini Fiber Tip Pens Features:

Type: Round Tip, Pressure Proof

Writing fluid type: water-based ink, odorless

High brilliance and brightness

It can be stored open for up to 24 hours

Line width: 1 mm

Tip 88 Mini fineliner Features:

Tip type: metal tip, 0.4mm, suitable for stencils

Writing fluid type: water-based ink

It can be left open for several days without drying out

STABILO 88 tip in mini format

BOSS Mini Highlighter Features:

High STABILO quality in workmanship, ink and writing comfort for professional work, highlighting, underlining

STABILO Anti-Dry-Out Technology: 4 hours of drying protection for concentrated work

Odorless water-based ink

2 line widths: 2+5mm, flat shape prevents rolling

Swano Pastel Pencil Features:

barrel design: hexagonal

unbreakable mine

pleasantly non-slip lacquered surface

hardness designation: HB

STABILO Mini World Set

CHF 44,90Price
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