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Painting box Oil color inspiration

If you are looking for a superior quality oil paint, the Van Gogh range made in the Netherlands is for you. The buttery oil paint is characterized by excellent color strength, a high level of pigmentation with intense shades, uniformity of brilliance and color thickness in all colors and good to excellent lightfastness values . Easy to mix and apply.

  • These oil paints are suitable for beginners, advanced students and practicing artists.
  • This Inspiration box with general color selection contains 14 x 40ml tubes.
  • This wooden box also contains: Talens 75ml odorless turpentine substitute,
  • Talens 75ml painting medium, one flat artist's brush with pig bristles (size 10),
  • a round pig bristle artist brush (size 6), a painting knife, a double palette cup, a wooden palette, a cleaning cloth
  • a color mixing booklet.


TALENS Oil Painting

195,60 CHFPrice
VAT Included |
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