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The Tombow Creative Journaling kit includes a notebook and selected Tombow products, essential for creating your own bullet journal. The attached quick guide contains tips and tricks for designing your notebook with the included pens. The quick start guide set was compiled and designed by Sara Vàzquez (mylittlejournalblog). The set contains: 4x ABT Dual Brush Pen with fine tip for a precise line and wide tip for flat color application. Colors can be mixed and painted with water 1x Fudenosuke Brush, with fine and elastic tip. Water-based pigment ink, does not bleed through on most types of paper. Ideal for watermark writing and key code creation.

  • Quick Start Guide by Sara Vàsquez: Sara Vàsquez provides tips for designing and structuring your notebook with the included Tombow products.
  • Contents Kit for creative journalism: -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 158 / dark olive -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 291 / alice blue -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 761 / ABT Dual Brush Pen carnation -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 942 / cappuccino - 1x Brush Pen Fudenosuke WS-BH / black -1x MONO edge highlighter WA-TC94 / coral -1x MONO graph mechanical pencil SH-MG84 / coral pink -1x Pastel pink brandbook notebook -1x Quick guide (EN)


TOMBOW Bullet Journal kit

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