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The watercolor canvas set includes two foldable cardboard canvases, a selection of Tombow materials and instructions for creating custom hanging paintings. The set contains: -4 ABT Dual brushes with two tips. The colors can be mixed together and are water-soluble. -A refillable brush with water tank (empty) for painting with the water-based colors of the ABT Dual Brush pens. - A palette for mixing and collecting colors. - Two foldable blank cardboard canvases from BUNTBOX. Dimensions: 21cm x 14.8cm (folded). Cardboard thickness: 350 g/m². Made from 100% recycled cardboard. Once the artwork has dried, the canvas can simply be folded and hung. Contents Set of watercolor canvases: -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 603 / periwinkle -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 679 / dark plum -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 817 / mauve -1x ABT Dual Brush Pen 817 / coral -1x Reservoir brush d water WB-ME-1P / medium -1x Blending palette -2x Cardboard canvas


TOMBOW Canvas Set

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