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Letter set for beginners, 6 pieces

The Beginner Letter Set contains the materials you need to start writing by hand. The attached instructions explain the basics of the "art of beautiful writing".

  • Set and instructions designed by Tanja Frau Hölle Cappell
  • 2 pieces. ABT Dual Brush Pen with flexible brush tip for large, bold letters and fine tip
  • 1 pc. MONO 100 anti-smudge pencil for auxiliary lines. Hardness level 3H (MONO-100-3H)
  • 1 pc. Fudenosuke (WS-BH) calligraphy pen with fine tip
  • 1 MONO twin permanent fine tip pen (OS-TME33) with two tips
  • 1 pc. MONO XS eraser (PE-01A) for clean and precise erasure of auxiliary lines


TOMBOW Lettering-Set Beginner

CHF 25,50Price
VAT Included |
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