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The E-TABLE series offers electrically height-adjustable desks for the classic workstation in an individual or group office. The table tops, which are only 60 cm narrow, are particularly optimal for the home office. Two powerful Bosch motors ensure synchronous upward and downward movement at a maximum speed of 40 mm/s, while automatic collision protection is integrated. The desired height can be stored on the control element. The truss-free frame structure offers maximum legroom and allows you to mount a table top of any size. The table top can be screwed on directly. TOPSTAR electrically height-adjustable desks are perfect for ergonomic working in the home office and offer a high degree of flexibility. The E-TABLE series is a high-quality solution for the modern home workplace.

  • Integrated collision detection ensures safe working
  • Electric height adjustment between 70 and 120 cm
  • Lifting force up to 80 kg
  • Load capacity up to 100 kg
  • Lifting speed 40 mm/s
  • Memory function (can store a location)
  • Feet with height adjustment screws
  • (table top must be ordered separately)


TOPSTAR Liftable table structure

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